I coach business and technology leaders to help get sustainable strategic value from their technology, customer experience (CX) and from their people. I have a reputation for building productive working relationships across executive leadership teams and staff that builds trust and supports change.

Using a hands on approach, I work closely with leaders to Help support them grow and lead their business, by bringing a combination of technology people and experience design together. This means I can help bring a customer lens, connected with technology enablers, And linked to the organisational and people dynamics that are required to bring their vision into reality.


For entrepreneurs I bring a pragmatic and practical perspective that's grounded in experience of growing businesses from start-up to thriving multi million dollar annual revenue.

I can help leaders put in place leadership practices and operational infrastructure to ensure growing teams feel confident, inspired and enabled in their roles in the growing business. I can also share practical lessons of things to avoid, and things to ensure are in place to overcome growing pains.

I've done this at Huddle and Super.


For managers of technology or customer experience teams I bring a balance perspective of business customer and technology together to help complement their talents and experience, and grow capability in line with their organisational needs.

This can be in the form of a project coach helping to guide the leader through new challenges, or a leadership mentorship that helps support the leader as a person growing in a challenging and complex role.

I've done this at RACGP, icare NSW and City of Geelong.


For executives I provide a strategic perspective of what's possible what they should expect and what they should demand their teams to bring about their strategic vision into reality.

I can mentor executives through complex challenges that involve strategic use of customer experience to realise strategic objectives and help them get their leadership teams on board a new strategic direction, while feeling confident and supported in their role in the strategy.

I've done this with Telstra, ING and others.