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cam incoll

cam incoll

I am a consultant, strategist, and natural therapist passionate about the wellbeing of our society.

My professional career has been shaped by a blend of technology, broad business experience and formal education in computing and management, and 15 years in customer experience and design. I have worked as a consultant, a people manager, a communicator, a technologist, coach and strategic advisor, and so understand what it takes to make a vision and strategy real.

I am also qualified in several natural healing modalities that support the well being of mind, body and spirit. Using western knowledge and training of the mind and body combined with the ancient practices and wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and energy healing from Japan and India, I help people consider their holistic wellbeing to bring about transformation within.



Through my company Huddle, I help bridge the gaps between organisation, customer, & technology using my experience of business & design.

This provides me the scaffolding to help drive transformation within organisations with a natural focus on human centricity.



I am Head of Customer and Product at Super where we help people turn Notion pages into awesome websites. This role leverages my skills and knowledge with customer experience & technology management, plus my experience of business & design.

This role provides the satisfaction of serving customers and improving their experience of Super and also shaping the product and strategy to grow this exciting business.



I coach business and technology executives to help get sustainable strategic value from customer experience (CX).

I have a reputation for building productive working relationships across executive leadership teams and staff that builds trust and supports change.



I also use my Mind-Body Medicine, Kinesiology and Reiki training to support people heal naturally.

I practice online and in-person to support people with stress relief, increasing their health and vitality, and release stored emotion and trauma, and general sense of joy and wellbeing.

All of this is about change within people: Groups of people in organisations seeking to make a difference; Leaders within organisations looking to grow and improve; and Individuals taking charge of their wellbeing.

my portfolio—Turning Notion pages in fantastic websites

Professional consulting and coaching

Natural Wellness, Mind-Body Therapy and Tools